Take advantage of that gap semester

Invest 8 weeks this fall preparing for the real world: build your network, gain guidance from mentors across multiple industries and learn from top-tier global Googlers and Xooglers. All of this for approximately the cost of a single class at an Ivy League University.

Educators from:


Mentor relationships

Build long-term relationships with at least two former Googlers who will guide you through a project and help prepare you for your next career steps.


Join a Xoogler for a virtual coffee, lunch and meeting to observe what a day in the life of this role might be like.

Real-world Project

Tackle an industry problem with a small cohort of students and present your solution/project to a panel of former Googlers at the end of the course.


Learn how to take on the job market with a “Google Mindset” from mentors’ experiences.

Focus Your Job Search

Create a list of 10 real corporate job openings that you and your mentor determine fit your interests and skills.

A Foot in the Door

Receive two warm introductions to employees at two different companies through your mentors network.

Interview Skills

Prepare and practice official mock interviews with a feedback session.

Professional Skills Workshops

Attend six professional skills training workshops to create a Google approved resume, learn interview etiquette, and develop an online portfolio.

Industry Career Chats

Attend up to 14 lightning talks to widen your knowledge of different industries and roles for future career planning.

OKRs and Goal Management

Learn how to organize and achieve your goals through Google’s OKR (objectives and key results) system that you will apply throughout the course.

Expanded Network

Develop professional relationships with students and mentors across the world and expand your network outside your university.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xoogler School?
The best way to spend a gap semester. Xoogler School is a course designed for college students looking to learn practical skills in marketing/sales or product/techt and receive valuable mentoring and take on the job market with confidence.
What is Xoogler.co?

We are a group of Google alumni and current Googlers who help each other advance our ambitions in the startup ecosystem. The Xoogler community consists of startup founders, early team members, angel investors, VCs, C-suite executives and mentors.

We've seen how mentors in our community have been generous by helping Xoogler startup founders and supporting our past interns. Given these times, we aspire to activate our community to help college juniors and seniors who are considering taking a gap year versus returning to their classes online. Given our community's expertise and generosity, Xoogler.co is investing in the next generation to prepare them for the challenging job market.

Who is this course designed for?

Students interested in careers in sales/marketing or product/technology. If your interests don’t align within these tracks, please indicate this on your application and we will contact you with more information.

What is my time commitment?

Think of Xoogler U as a four-credit course at your university. You will spend a minimum of three hours in structured workshops, mentor check-ins, and industry chats Monday-Friday. These structured events will be scheduled between 9am-3pm PST. You will be expected to spend a minimum of six hours per week outside the structured time working through objectives on your own or on your group project with your cohort.

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